About Us
Exotic Aquarium has been retailing in the Sacramento area since 1996. We are located at 6643 Franklin Blvd. We work with numerous wholesalers to bring our customers a large selection of healthy fish. Our store caters to both freshwater and saltwater hobbyists. Exotic Aquarium specializes in acquiring hard to find rare freshwater or marine fish. The store stocks more then 2000 different aquarium related products, as well as custom made tanks, stands, and canopies. We recently moved from Florin Rd location to a 16,000sqft showroom building with over 600 display tanks of freshwater fish, marine corals and fish.

Mission Statement
We seek to provide both freshwater and marine hobbyist with a great selection of livestock and high quality aquarium products. As well as providing the latest information on rearing and maintaining aquarium fish and corals.

Contact Information
If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to email us at the email address listed below. Here at Exotic Aquarium, customer satisfactions are our number one priority.

Exotic Aquarium
6643 Franklin Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95823
Tel: (916) 422-7266
Fax: (916) 422-7267
Email: info@exotic-aquarium.com
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